Individually manage unlimited Wi-Fi routers or gateways through a single interface.

Remote Management

Publish your own advertising banners, promoting your location, offers, upcoming events and co partner brand marketing.

WiFi Promotions

Capture your customer's demographic data like age, gender, birthday, hometown, Facebook likes and more.

Learn Your Customers

Capture your customer's main Facebook email and build a list of REAL customers.

Build an Email List

Our WiFi routers make it easy to quickly connect with Facebook for instant access.

Connect With Facebook

Social Hotspot™ Engagement on all Devices

Social Hotspot ™ Connects with all Wifi enabled devices or uses currently mobile technology via a cloud management platform for building and managing any number of Social Hotspots™, at single or multiple locations and even across international boundaries.

Our Hotspots and Gateways (larger venues) are configured to work with all smart phones, tablets, laptops and any WiFi-enabled Internet devices, but also communicates using mobile technology, notifications and is a must have for digital marketing. Using technology can bring your location to life but also allows you to contact your customers when they are not there, amazing right ?

Social Hotspot™ devices are only available via this platform, and is a trademark, authorised and registered by the USTPO and in Europe.

Mobile Management and Monitoring

Social Hotspot™ has created an encrypted secure cloud management platform to manage and monitor all mobile and Wifi interaction with mobile devices in real-time, allowing a brand or your location to save time and content management costs while building a CRM of clients to promote to.

It can trigger a mobile app for loyalty or delivering your advertising directly to customers, easily attract new brand followers and build your database and marketing CRM.

These tools enable the client to access certain features directly from their mobile device and be notified instantly about upcoming events, lotteries or gigs.

Engage Your Customers

As soon as clients arrive at location they can see your published advertising and promotions, applications or menus at your location, offers, upcoming events and partner brand marketing.  It’s your WiFi and your location why advertise for others ?.

Social Hotspot™ Engages your customers with vouchers, offers, promotions, lotteries, social media, videos and more!

Give value to customers and get something back in return.

Scalable Plug-and-Play Social Hotspot™ networks

Social Hotspot™ created the social hotspot management system that makes it easy to quickly add new WiFi devices to the cloud control panel and seamlessly integrates into existing networks often with no hardware changes at all.

Whether you’re a single location, a hotel or a brand with hundreds of social hotspots, integration is simple with our Gateway Servers and custom installations.

Perfect for large, high-bandwidth areas; simple and cost-effective.

Your Own WiFi Advertising Platform

Unlike traditional hotspots, Social Hotspot™ displays real-time metrics such as visitor frequency, gender and more based on the Social Graph and data they are happy to share in return for Free Wifi.

Social Hotspot™ has designed and manages a large ad server where clients can load their specific advertisements, offers and promotions on their own hotspot at a single location or across networks.

Publishing your own advertising banners, promoting your location, offers, upcoming events and brand marketing with easy to use tools you can even create your own local social network.


Social Hotspot™ has implemented a comprehensive analytics reporting engine to ensure the users of the cloud control panel can review, track the user engagement including uptake click thru rate for ads etc across the local or larger Networks.

Users can see a visual report based on guest and social user activity and see the response rate of their notifications and lottery’s, ad campaigns or app downloads.

Build Your Customer Database

Not only will you capture your customers’ real email addresses, phone numbers (includes the legal requirement to optin) but also tap into the Social Graphs and analytic tools to gather valuable demographic data while monitoring engagement in real-time.

New and returning visitors will be automatically added to your email marketing database directly. Import your own lists to the cloud panel and grow the interaction and your business.

Email and re-market to your visitors and take full advantage of your marketing opportunities.

Fully Encrypted Secure Hotspot Management

All Social Hotspot™ products ensure secure connection for all devices and do not require special third party software to protect your privacy.

Social Hotspot™ is the only portal in the world offering WiFi management that has a 256 Encryption key to secure the data that is collected from your location.

We take data protection seriously and do not resell user information.

Social Hotspot™ Connect Authentication

Have a Facebook, Gmail, Ren Ren, Twitter, LinkedIn Account? Authentication is easy.

Simply connect to the hotspot, open your browser and connect via the enabled button for instant access. Note: Brand and owners decide which buttons are presented and these may vary at locations.

Your information is safe and secure with Social Hotspot™, our Terms / Conditions and Privacy Policy must be adopted via Single Sign On Authentication for access.

Notifications and Lotteries in Real-Time

Social Hotspot™ location managers are able to push messages to users surfing the web at anytime even if not at your location. This message can be set once or multiple times based on how the client has configured the application.

Lottery notifications are also available, where a hotspot manager has the ability to select a date, time and the number of users that you would like t give a gift away to.  When the user logs onto the WiFi location, and when they are surfing the web, they will get a promotion on their screen that tells them they have won something from the business.

Each location is managed by the owner of the venue, with options to engage the user with special offers and lotteries. Notification analytics are provided in order to understand the effectiveness of the campaign in real-time.

The service has the ability to send specific notifications to any user, a message that is prompted to them within your own custom-branded Facebook application.

Launch Your Own Social Hotspot™ WiFi Powered Network

Interested in getting started with your own Social Hotspot™ network or want to get a social hotspot at your location ?